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Ink is what’s for dinner

On Valentine’s Day my wife got me a really nice pen. At one point I had mentioned I was interested in trying a fountain pen again. I recall that I said it a little half-heartedly, so I’m fortunate that she filed it away.

She bought me a Lamy Accentfountain pen and it changed my life.

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I walked into a pen store, today

I walked into a pen store, today, and felt extremely out-of-place. Well I should amend that — I walked into World Lux, a store that specializes in watches, luggage, “mens’ gear”, also fountain pens. And I felt out-of-place.

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Kill the Buddha

I have been thinking about this a bit, lately.

After years on his cushion, a monk has what he believes is a breakthrough: a glimpse of nirvana, the Buddhamind, the big pay-off. Reporting the experience to his master, however, he is informed that what has happened is par for the course, nothing special, maybe even damaging to his pursuit. And then the master gives the student dismaying advice: If you meet the Buddha, he says, kill him.

Why kill the Buddha? Because the Buddha you meet is not the true Buddha, but an expression of your longing. If this Buddha is not killed he will only stand in your way.

Taken from Killing the Buddha, appropriately enough

by Kevin Osborn

Computers Really Are Magic

This morning I was simultaneously reading this article about the new Windows 8 interface and helping my brother with github. Had a sudden epiphany and point of empathy with technologically illiterate people.

It basically boils down to: For the computer illiterate, Computers Really Are Magic

Continue reading and I’ll explain what I mean.

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Well that was quick

All of a sudden my daughter just started using lots of signs and real words and everything. It’s bizarre. Like shit just got real.

There’s a little human in there, making her will known.

Man, I’ve gotta stop saying things like “shit just got real”; both because she might repeat it, and because people who are allowed to use lingo like that don’t use semicolons in sentences. Nor the word “lingo”.

Link: My hometown is better than yours

My wife linked me to this article about Seattle. It’s all true.

I like the idea that it’s sunset for 12 hours a day. Absolutely true, that. Basically it’s golden hour all day — which is probably why it looks gorgeous to me all the time.

We do have some cloud-cover where we are right now (Issaquah, about 20 minutes East of Seattle), but we’re far enough away from the coast and into the foothills that I think our area misses a lot of it. Either that or global warming is burning it all off.

It’s pretty much perfect here. I may get kicked out for saying that.

Phone (Android) Woes

I really want to like Android, but the phone manufacturers make it so hard. I have a Samsung Captivate, which is a Galaxy S phone. Really solid feeling, good specs. But Samsung filled it with bloated software and dicked with the UI. Ugh. This post is kind of a first-world-problem post, yo.

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Much too heavy

My posts have been way heavy the past couple months. I think part of that is because when I sit down to write I have it in my mind that I am Sitting Down To Write. That’s fun for awhile, but also a little tiring to read.

I need to shake it up a bit, so here’s a video I shot today. My wife and I signed up for Amazon Fresh, which is online grocery delivery. Only Seattle-area so far, so I guess we’re lucky on that count.

But the bonus is you get dry-ice with the cold stuff.